Mitch McConnell snubs Obama and Cats

Gotta love it.

Sen. Mitch McConnell has turned down an invitation from the President to attend an occasion Friday at the White House recognizing the University of Kentucky as the winner of the NCAA basketball tournament.

The reason should be apparent. Nobody in Louisville wants to be in Washington on Kentucky Derby weekend. But Barack Obama obviously doesn’t have a clue about the importance of Derby weekend on the local social calendar.

And, as The Hill noted:

In any case, McConnell is more a fan of the University of Louisville, which lost to Kentucky in the NCAA semifinals, than of the University of Kentucky, a source close to McConnell told The Hill. But McConnell himself declined to express a preference between the two before they met in the tournament, noting he attended both of them — Louisville as an undergraduate, and Kentucky as a law student.

The man has the right priorities.