Strong takes time on Michael Dyer decision

Will Charlie Strong give Michael Dyer a third chance?

Dyer has spoken with Strong about playing at the University of Louisville. But despite some chatter on local message boards stating otherwise, there’s no indication that Strong has assigned him any locker space.

Dyer has been out of college football for a year after being dismissed by Auburn where he rushed for 1,000-plus yards during this freshman and sophomore seasons. He was selected as most valuable player after piling up 143 yards in Auburn’s 22-19 win over Oregon in the national championship game in 2011.Michael Dyer

Auburn sent Dyer packing after he failed a drug test and admitted that four teammates had used his gun in robbery in March 2011. From there Dyer transferred to Arkansas State where he was dismissed a few months later after being cited for driving 96 miles per hour and an unloaded gun was found in his possession.

He then enrolled at Arkansas Baptist College where USA Today reported he compiled a 3.6 grade-point average last fall, a 3.337 GPA in spring 2013 and a 4.00 GPA in the summer session last month. He was mentored personally by Fitz Hill, the college president, who met with Dyer at least twice weekly to monitor his progress. Hill vouches for Dyer based on what he accomplished at Arkansas Baptist.

Time is obviously an issue with the beginning of fall practice scheduled for Aug. 4. However, Charlie Strong is going to be very deliberate before he extends a scholarship, wanting to be certain that the young man is capable of meeting the standards expected of him. The last thing Strong wants is an individual who would distract from what he has built here.

The outcome is also important to Tom Jurich and the perception of the University’s overall athletic program,which is coming off its best year ever. That reputation was built on honesty and integrity. The decision had better be the right one.

Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

10 thoughts on “Strong takes time on Michael Dyer decision”

  1. Dyer is on everybody’s board as a top draft choice. Let him wait it out. There is no need for him to make another error with another team. To err is human, but dang….how many errors do you need to figure it out? I think Dyer has had too many chances already. I wish him well, but sometimes you really have to face the consequences of your actions.

  2. Under Strong’s leadership and the opportunity to play for the Cards could be a life-changing event for this young man. In the coming years, he could be on a speaking tour to other young people on how his life was changed and the lessons he learned. Maybe even an ambassador and mentor for other players in the future.

    1. Looks like someone’s jealous and should probably back a team that wins and doesn’t have to cheat.

  3. What an insult to your current players if you bring someone with so much baggage into your program. Little upside and more of a distraction since he would only be playing for one year. He is all about himself and not about any team.

  4. ReinCARDn8d3223 is the name of a blogger on 24/7 sports who started the entire Michael Dyer rumor with this post:
    Cardfever09 said…

    That’sCool Rein Please Do.Can’t WaitFor The Season To Begin!

    ReinCARDn8d3223 said…
    WHAT YOU ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!!! I got you CardFever; your info was good!!! Here’s what I got; check the texts!! Took his physical today!!! GET ON THE TRAIN!!!


    This is literally how it got started.

  5. I’ve read the reports, he mentioned he is willing to walk on!!! That speaks volumes to me, if it doesnt work cut your strings but who are we to say the man doesnt deserve a chance, like we’re perfect. SMH

  6. The only real thing the kid did was smoke pot, he had a gun, but he followed all the laws required to own one, and even when pulled over by the State trooper, he had it in his trunk, not within easy access. Give the kid a chance

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