Sneak Peak: Papa John’s Expansion

Close look at Papa John’s Stadium Expansion reveals some additions nobody has been talking about.

Five things the observer learned by painstakingly reviewing the new artist renderings of the football stadium expansion project, which will increase capacity to 55,000 seats at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium in the 2010 season:

  • The east side entrance will include a new gate with two massive 50 to 75-foot columns bearing the stadium name and greatly enhancing the overall impression of the stadium on Floyd Street.
  • A new jumbotron video screen will be added at the south end of the stadium at the rear of the new walkway connecting the east and west sides.
  • The new walkway will include at least two sets of additional restrooms for men and women, helping to ease the burden on existing facilities.
  • The new second deck above the loge seating area will probably include two-foot high video advertising strips spanning the length of the sidelines, similar to those at the Orange Bowl and pro stadiums.
All seats are a brilliant red in the artist's rendering.
All seats are a brilliant red in the artist's rendering of Papa John's expansion.
An impressive new entrance flanked by massive columns.
An impressive new entrance flanked by massive columns.
The walkway includes a new video scoreboard and new restroom opps.
The walkway includes a new video scoreboard and new restrooms.

Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

7 thoughts on “Sneak Peak: Papa John’s Expansion”

  1. Let’s hope that in constructing those restrooms they find a new source for HOT water. Washing your hands in icy water in bitter cold weather is probably a deterrent to good hygiene.

  2. I hope that something significant is done to improve the men’s restroom situation. It is horrendous! The Papa John’s restroom scenario is one situation where the men are at a distinct disadvantage–probably because we drink so much beer. When my adult daughter and I go to a game, she can be in and out of the restroom, at any point in the game, in a couple of minutes. For me, waiting in line usually turns into a twenty to thirty minute ordeal. The men stand in long lines, missing the game, while the women quickly walk in and out. We need more men’s restrooms!

  3. Charlie,
    Thanks for the update on the pink seats.
    Good to hear that all of the seating will be new.
    I assume they are staying with the plastic buckets for the majority of the seating.

  4. Charlie thanks for the pictures. The walkway from level two on the east side around the crunch zone to the west side is awesome.

  5. So the students have to pay 50 dollars in a fee for games they probably in many cases will not attend. Nice to subsidize the football team and basketball team in such a way. Instead of spending money on education, I guess football and basketball are the priorities. So much for that first class education huh U of L? Not to mention the Deasy degree purchase through Robert Felner? Or the forced food purchase program? Or the tuition increases? All so Tom Jurich can be able to pat himself on the back. No wonder this city is morally bankrupt.

    1. Sorry man, this is a sports blog. The student body does need to get out to the games en mass. Most major schools have football and basketball programs and students support them. What’s the difference here? Need to shake that commuter image where students just take advantage of a school for the sheepskin while ignoring everything else.

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