Russ Smith unleashed in 99-47 romp

Fourteen minutes remaining in the second half, here comes Russ Smith again.

Sizing up the defender, cutting right, down the middle among the trees, throwing up the ball, a sure two points. But wait, he’s passing the basketball to Luke Hancock in the corner. Shot good. Three points instead of two.

Russdiculous here, there, everywhere. On his way to 31 points, five assists, seven rebounds and five steals. The merciless demon behind the wheel in the University of Louisville’s 99-47 hit-and-run over Missouri-Kansas City.

Not many conclusions should be drawn from a game against predestined road kill victim other than the fact that Russ Smith draws from  a vast reservoir of natural skills and confidence. Reality may have caught up with potential if he can come close to duplicating his efforts in games against stronger opposition.

  • Peyton Siva perfectly content with Russ in a leading role, making six assists, playing only 20 minutes, happily applauding  his wiry teammate’s domination.
  • Kevin Ware turning in his best performance in a supporting role, learning to finish those drives, picking up eight points, seven steals and five assists.
  • Montrelz Harrell loading up the stat sheet, hitting five of eight shots from the field, four of six at the free throw line for 14 points, seven rebounds, two blocks and a steal.
  • Luke Hancock feeling no pressure, hitting two of those three attempts behind the arc, turning in 15 points.
  • Tim Henderson, yes, two out of four three-point attempts, Rick Pitino watching, remembering.
A game not counting for much as the season wears on but with high entertainment value, thanks to Russ Smith and company.

Jody Demling video:


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Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

4 thoughts on “Russ Smith unleashed in 99-47 romp”

  1. Russ Smith is incredible, the guys guarding him just wanted to stand back and watch him go. Amazing with the basketball.

  2. Russ is probably the quickest player we’ve ever had. Now that he’s becoming more focused, he brings an incredible dimension to this team. Get Gorgui back, watch us grow.

  3. What can you say, except he was Russdiculous.

    Not since Dr. Dunkenstein has a player endeared himself to the fans like Russdiculous. The man just has “it”. Don’t know what involved, I just know it’s Russiculous. And I hope it continues for ever!

  4. It is wonderful how he earned his moniker for the ridiculous way he sometimes played last year, and has redefined what that nick-name represents with his excellent play this year.

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