One thought on “Russ highlight”

  1. Russ is this team’s MVP – he adds passion and excitement. Siva adds ZERO -except for turnovers at crucial times in the game. Charlie – on a previous post, you said Siva is the best we got. I disagree. Russ and Chris Smith blow him away in nearly every statiscal category. I’d rather have them on the court. As I’ve said ALL SEASON, Siva needs to be on the bench – if not, they won’t make it past round 2. What am I basing my comments on? RESULT! Check the stats. Siva is pathetic compared to Russ/Chris and nearl every other guard in the Big East. Check out FT/FG %, points, rebounds, 3-points, etc. It’ll become VERY clear who needs to be in the game and who is the best we have…and why Siva needs to ride the pine. If not, he’ll do something stupid and lose yet another game.

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