No Contest: U of L The Fan Favorite

Every so often, much too often, you hear the notion floated that the ratio of University of Louisville fans to University of Kentucky followers in the Louisville area is evenly divided, about 50-50 between the two schools. Rick Pitino has even heard said same.

Not so. Not even close, according to the results of a Courier-Journal Bluegrass Poll released in February 2005. The poll should have settled the issue once and for all. But UK fans and some media types, who either don’t read the front page, are research-challenged , or count on the forgetfulness of the general public, persist in advancing .

Predictably. That’s why this writer kept a copy of the results, to ensure that folks are aware of the facts. The poll indicated:

— Fans of U of L basketball outnumbered UK fans by 53.7% to 33.3% in the Louisville area.

— U of L football fans weighed in at 61.3%, as compared to 20.8% for UK pigskin followers.

The Courier-Journal poll did not take into consideration the bandwagon jumping factor, which includes people whose loyalty often wavers, depending on how well a team is faring during a particular season. Some will jump from a losing team to a winning team in a heartbeat. But even with a plus or minus error factor of 5%, Louisville wins the local favorite debate hands down.

Keep this information handy. The issue will resurface.

No Looking Ahead To Next Year

One of the things fans look forward as the basketball opens is a first look at the incoming freshmen. They are, after all, the future of the program. So much for that tradition: Attrition has struck the class big time.

The NCAA Clearinghouse didn’t live up to its name once again, failing to clear George Goode, a 6-foot-8, 205-pounder lacking a couple of high school credits. The doctors are at least a year away from allowing 7-foot-2 Clarence Holloway anywhere near a basketball court. That leaves only Preston Knowles, a guard from Winchester that Pitino says plays good defense, and Lee Steiden, a walk on guard from St. X.

Fast forward to next season: David Padgett, Juan Palacios and Terrance Farley will have graduated. At least three starters could jump to the NBA. Pitino will be practically starting all over again, with a team that will essentially include eight or nine people new to the college scene. Some of the incoming frosh will have extraordinary talent but also much to learn.

But that’s next year. The cup is full of talented veterans right now, and there’s every reason for U of L fans to live for the moment.

* * *

The U of L marketing staff has outdone itself this year with the basketball schedule posters. They are larger than usual, 18 x 24 inches, and on a heavier paper stock. The design is classic, a real keeper. You can pick them up at Thornton’s locations while they last. A nod, too, to V. G. Reed & Sons Printing Company for the quality.

Wiley Brown Chalks Up First Win

Congratulations to former U of L great Wiley Brown. He has secured the first of many wins as the new head coach of the Indiana University-Southeast basketball team. His Grenadiers defeated Purdue University-Northeast 75-74 on the road in their season opener.

Athletic Director Pat Mzorowski said IUS was very fortunate to secure Wiley’s services. “If I had a son playing college basketball, I would want him playing for a coach like Wiley Brown,” he said. “We believe he will be a great coach.”

Brown, a starter on U of L’s 1980 NCAA championship team, is the latest Pitino aide to become a head coach. Joining him as an assistant coach was former teammate Scooter McCray, another U of L favorite.

Monday Morning Memos

To Coach Rick Pitino: Clean up the language, and quickly. It’s really beneath you to resort to such language anyway. You lose in terms of respect, and, from now on, it could also affect the won-loss column.

To Billy Reed: Think positive for a change. You never seem to have anything good to say about the new U of L basketball arena, Churchill Downs, local elected officials or any of your former employers. Starting to sound a little bitter.

To fans who want Kragthorpe fired
: Give it a rest for at least a couple of games. U of L was in a position to win a game in which the so-called experts said it wouldn’t compete. You’re beginning to grate on the nerves.

To Tom Jurich about football: Keep on evaluating. Course corrections are never easy. You know football, and your recommendations carry a lot of weight.

To Jeff Brohm: Thanks for returning. It’s obvious you want what’s best for U of L. Thanks, too, to dad Oscar, brother Greg and, of course, Brian. You’ve invested too much to let it go.

* * *

Busy week for U of L fans. Big East volleyball tournament in Milwaukee Thursday and Friday. Basketball season opener at home against Hartford on Saturday (Noon, WHAS-11), followed by a game against Jackson State on Sunday (1:30, WHAS-11). The football Cards also match up with South Florida in Tampa on Saturday (8 p.m., EPSNU).

* * *

For those who can’t resist, here’s a link to Gardner-Webb T-shirts.

Keeping Up With Elvis

Elvis Dumervil continues to do for the Denver Broncos in the NFL what he did best for Louisville on the collegiate level. Through nine games, Elvis has 28 tackles (23 solo), seven sacks (43 yds.), an interception (27 yds.), six passes defensed, four forced fumbles and a fumble recovery. Elvis still thinks he can do much better, as he told the Denver Post this week:

Denver Post: You’ve earned the right to receive double teams now. But in your young career, is there a blocker out there who gives you fits?

Dumervil: I’ve been blessed with the ability to beat blockers. I’ve never had issue with that. My issue in my early years was I’d come in a little too excited and I couldn’t always get the quarterback down. So I learned how to come in with control. My main thing now is, when I was in college I was able to force fumbles. And I haven’t been able to carry that over quite yet, so that’s kind of frustrating for me. My main goal is when I get there, I’ve got to create turnovers. That’s what I’m working on now.

Apparently there aren’t too many blockers giving Elvis fits, or he just didn’t want to answer the question. Is he ever missed or what?

* * *

The U of L Women’s volleyball team saw its 13-game win streak halted Sunday as they lost 3-1 to Notre Dame at South Bend by scores of 30-28, 30-16, 25-30, 30-28. The Cardinals finish the regular season at 20-5 and 13-1 in Big East play.

* * *

The U of L men’s soccer team tied West Virginia 2-2 at Cardinal Park. The Cards finished 13-5-1 on the season. They will find out Monday whether an NCAA tournament bid is forthcoming. Pairings will be announced on ESPNews at 5:30 p.m.