Meanwhile …

Juan Palacios may get a red shirt year after suffering an injury in basketball practice Saturday morning. The early diagnosis was a sprained MCL and depending on the severity of the injury, Palacios may redshirt this season, coach Rick Pitino said. Red Shirt

The Message Board Experts

Such animosity on the message boards these days, one post after another calling for Kragthorpe’s scalp. Some fans want it today, can’t wait another game. A few even want a piece of Tom Jurich. The same ones wanted Pitino’s hide before the basketball team started winning last season.

Message boards are a blessing and a curse. They give fans a chance to discuss the latest developments and rumors with fellow fans as well as outlets for venting their frustration. This is a godsend in a town where the media has been historically lazy in covering local teams or devoting an inordinate amount of space to a rival school.

Unfortunately, the amount of redundancy and drivel on them often makes it difficult to find anything meaningful. You also have to sort through all the untruths and rumors, many times by rival fans. Inside the Ville makes it possible to ignore some posters but the sheer number of them is a challenge at ITV and Rivals.

Administrators and coaches must be careful about who they share information with, fearing that any comment will wind up on a message board. Sources are drying up because inside information is difficult to obtain on the boards these days.

Still, the message boards provide a useful exchange of views. There are plenty of people who are able to keep things in perspective. And there are a few who are actually knowledgeable about football and basketball. I will continue to frequent the message boards as long as those guys are around.

No Quit In Brohm

Stop complaining. Listen a minute.

Brian Brohm has never been known for making overly optimistic predictions. In fact, he rarely makes predictions. Brian avoids the cameras or microphones when possible, preferring to do his talking on the football field. When he does talk, people listen.

“The thing about our team is we do have the capability of beating everyone left on our schedule. We have the talent, we have the offensive firepower to go out and outscore teams. So if we’re coming to play, teams better be ready because I think we can beat anyone. We feel good going into Big East play that we can play with all these teams and pull out some big wins.”

That’s what he told Russ Brown in a Lexington Herald-Leader story, insisting that all is not lost and that the Cards can still salvage their season by bouncing back to win the Big East title.

Football factor

Another reminder of the importance of college football in Louisville came when U of L basketball coach Rick Pitino devoted 11 minutes of his pre-season remarks to the football coaching issue.

Pitino said any time you see a coach suspending players, it means he “won’t sacrifice his principles for winning games, he’s building a program, he’s not trying to win a half, and you know he’s doing the right thing.”

Pitino is right. He also recognizes that football fever has gripped Louisville over the last several years and the community expects to win. Be patient, he is saying, we’re thinking long-term here.

No committees, thank you

So we hear that Black Coaches Association has awarded an “F” to U of L for the process through which the university hired the new football coach. The BCA gets the headlines it seeks but you have to wonder whether the group did its homework. Did they not know Ron Cooper was our coach for three years? Or does history not count?

Among the BCA’s criteria was the racial composition of the search committees. The problem with search committees is that they often include well-meaning faculty reps with not a clue about football, as we learned when Schnellenberger departed.

Even though the football season has disappointed, we still prefer to have Tom Jurich make those decisions for us. By the way, he reportedly had Karl Dorrell, the black coach at UCLA, on his short list. Did the BCA even think to ask?