New UofL Foundation Chairman says lawsuit not necessary or productive

Every day is Game Day at the University of Louisville for Brucie Moore whose first challenge as the new Chairman of the UofL Foundation is the threat of a lawsuit from the UofL Board of Trustees.

Moore, who succeeded Bob Hughes in the role last Friday, said she didn’t believe “a legal lawsuit between the Trustees and the Foundation is necessary or productive.” She said the Foundation has approved the addition of two new personnel to help respond to numerous open records’ requests and intends to be as transparent as possible.

Larry Benz and Mark Lynn during Foundation board meeting Friday.
Larry Benz and Mark Lynn during Foundation board meeting Friday.

A graduate of the University of Maryland, Moore is from Waverly in Union County where she serves as County Attorney/Prosecutor. She obtained her law degree from the University of Memphis. She also serves on the UofL Board of Trustees.

“My heart is with this University,” she told reporters. “As I walk around this campus, I see the students, I see the faculty and staff. It’s Game Day every day on this campus. This University has been here over 200 years. We’ve had a rocky few months but every major university responds to challenges, and we’re going to move forward.”

Moore said she was in favor of a forensic accounting of Foundation records, something “that means a lot of different things to different people. This Foundation has grown so much so quickly that we need to get our arms around this process.”

She believes the audit should be a joint effort between the Foundation and the University. “All members of the Board of Trustees are welcome to have input into the process, including the naming of the accounting firm.”

Moore was appointed to the UofL Board of Trustees in 2008 by then Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear. According to the Courier-Journal, Moore has given at least $71,745 in campaign donations since 1998, including $4,000 to Beshear; $1,000 to Beshear’s son, Andrew; and $1,240 to the Kentucky Democratic Party.

According to sources, Gov. Beshear, a University of Kentucky grad, wanted to scuttle the UofL Foundation, and fold the organization under the auspices of the Board of Trustees. All recent Beshear appointments appear to be leaning in that direction.

*    *    *

Last Friday, Jim Ramsey stepped down as President of the Foundation and Bob Hughes agreed to relinquish his chairmanship in the interest of the University and to promote harmony between the two organizations.

No indications as yet of any reciprocal actions from Larry Benz or Craig Greenberg, members of the Board of Trustees who led the attacks against Ramsey and the Foundation.

The Trustees will meet Thursday to consider nominations, the Foundation on Friday to consider requests for proposals to conduct the comprehensive audit.

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Humble pie for Gene Deckerhoff, the voice of Florida State football

Gene Deckerhoff gets a large dose of humility.
Gene Deckerhoff gets a large dose of humility.

Never have I heard anyone more arrogant about their football team than Gene Deckerhoff, the Florida State play-by-play announcer, during his interview for a local radio sports talk show on 93.9 FM last Friday.

Deckerhoff got exactly what he deserved when the University of Louisville dissected the Seminoles 63-20 the following day.

At one point, Gene Deckerhoff said he “would have to use a microscope to find any chinks” in Florida State’s armor. He noted that FSU’s offensive line was by far more superior to last year’s offensive line. He also expected Dalvin Cook “to have a breakout game against Louisville to be honest with you.” And “I honestly think this is best defensive line Florida State has had in the last 15 or 20 years,” expecting them to get a sack or two of Lamar Jackson.

On and on, he went. Totally obnoxious.

Hats off to for the video below. The only thing sweeter would be Deckerhoff’s actual play-by-play. Here’s hoping that becomes available.

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Time-lapse replay of another Louisville football milestone

After chalking up one of the biggest wins in University of Louisville football history, Coach Bobby Petrino just wanted to chill the rest of the day. Sharing during his Monday press conference.

A little early for Bobby Petrino to get too excited. (Cindy Rice Shelton photo)
A little early for Bobby Petrino to get too excited. (Cindy Rice Shelton photo)

“I enjoyed Saturday after the game. It was really a lot of fun you know. Went home with my family, had some nice Italian food. My dad enjoyed it. We sat around and watched a couple games, and then Sunday morning I got up and went to work.

“You know, now it’s time to get ready for the next game but it was a lot of fun Saturday. I had a lot of fun on the sideline you know. It was fun for me on the sideline looking at our players and seeing their confidence and seeing their smiles on their face for what they’re doing out there on the field.

“Seeing the camaraderie you know. Listening to the O-line talk about running the ball to win the game. There were a lot of things that we really work on in practice and talk about as a team that showed up on the sideline and showed up on the field. That’s probably the more fun thing as a coach when you see all that hard work come out and show up on the field.”

Savor it again, courtesy of a time-lapse video from an enormously talented videography crew at the University of Louisville. Then it’s time to focus on Marshall:


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Kelly Dickey savors journey following UofL’s rout of Florida State

Like many University of Louisville football fans who have been following the Cards since the days of Coach Howard Schnellenberger or earlier, I appreciate the team’s successes not only because of the current gratification that a record-breaking win brings but also because of the journey I have seen the program take.

Kelly Dickey's take on the FSU mile marker.
Kelly Dickey’s take on the FSU mile marker. Fans can follow Kelly at @RealCardGame on Twitter.

As I observed the latest step in that journey – the Cards’ first win over a top-2 ranked team – I wanted to take in every moment and savor it as long as possible.  Being an out-of-town UofL fan, I couldn’t wait to get to Louisville and be there for what seemed in some ways like the football equivalent of Derby Week.

I flew to Louisville two days before Saturday’s game against Florida State, watching NFL Thursday Night Football on my phone during the flight.  The New York Jets were playing the Buffalo Bills, but more importantly the game featured six former UofL players.  As a UofL fan I took pride in Preston Brown leading all tacklers; Eric Wood, John Miller and Calvin Pryor joining Brown as starters for their teams; and Bilal Powell and Lorenzo Mauldin playing in reserve roles.  If not for injury, Breno Giacomini would also have been starting.  Most of these players ended up traveling to Louisville not long after me, spending a rare weekend off to support their Cards.

One long party for UofL football fans on GameDay.
One long party for UofL football fans on GameDay. (Cindy Rice Shelton photo.)

On Friday my daughter and I went to see the ESPN College GameDay set outside the Howard Schnellenberger football complex at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.  With the circus environment that GameDay and the increased media presence in Louisville were creating around the stadium and practice facility I wondered how much of a distraction it might be to the team.  Then I peeked through the gate and caught a glimpse of the Cards going through their Friday walkthrough.  The stadium seemed to provide a sanctuary from the noise, allowing the team to prepare in the business-like manner that Coach Bobby Petrino demands.

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Record 55,642 witness milestone thrashing of Florida State

At halftime Tom Jurich was heard saying, “I just hope we can beat them.” That was with the University of Louisville football team leading Florida State 35-10 after the first 30 minutes.

Lamar Jackson adding to his growing legacy.
Lamar Jackson adding to his growing legacy.

He had reason to be concerned, given the frequency with Florida State has rallied in the second half to win games in recent years. Two seasons ago, the Seminoles overcame a 21-7 deficit at the half to win 42-31 on the Cardinals’ home field.

For UofL fans at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium on Saturday, the Cardinals couldn’t score too many touchdowns. No lead over Florida State was considered safe. They could almost relax after a third quarter Saturday in which UofL would hold Seminoles scoreless while tacking on 14 more points.

An all-time record crowd of 55,642 at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium would witness Louisville’s 63-20 win over Florida State, eclipsing the previous attendance record of 55,414 which was set during the UofL-Florida State game in 2014.

Louisville would lead by 53 points at one point before pulling its starters in the fourth quarter. One of the most significant victories in the history of the program, serving notice to the college football world that University of Louisville football is a national contender. One of those milestone victories that can elevate the perception of a school as a power football program, as opposed to being “another basketball school.”

Another unbelievable performance by Lamar Jackson, who has quickly captured the attention of the college football world with his lightning speed, unnatural reflexes and super arm strength.  He would rush for four touchdowns — on runs of 2, 14, 1 and 47 yards — and make a 4-yard touchdown pass to Jaylen Smith, raising his touchdown total to 18 for the season.

Jackson is obviously a special talent, the kind that comes rarely comes along, with the unique ability to take a football program to another level. Never more obvious than on a day when the home crowd would honor the memory of the greatest, the late Muhammad Ali.

Brandon Radcliff with one of his best performance, racking up 118 yards and a touchdown. Jeremy Smith would add two TDs. Great day for Jaire Alexander, too, with two 60-plus-yard punt returns – including a 69-yarder for a touchdown and a fumble recovery leading to another.

Tom Jurich knows how lucky he is to have a Lamar Jackson around here, giving Jackson a rare bear hug on the sideline on his way to the coin toss before the game.

Record crowd of 55,694 at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.
Record crowd of 55,694 at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.



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