On the road with UofL radio network

Family obligations over the weekend sending the observer and spouse to Western Kentucky to celebrate daughter-in-law Casey’s commencement ceremony in Murray.

Relieved the University of Louisville basketball game is available on the four-hour trip back to Louisville Saturday afternoon.  The UofL radio network is supposed to include 15 stations out in the state and a couple in Indiana and Ohio. No sweat, all bases covered.ALPINE-CDE-111R

Before leaving Murray, picking up the Louisville-Memphis basketball game on WCCK-FM in Calvert City, listening to Paul Rogers and Bob Valvano until their voices are drowned out by static about half way home. The game and reception slipping away,UofL trailing 50-41 with 13 minutes remaining.

A hectic few minutes follow, trying to get stations in Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, Lexington, Cincinnati, Frankfort and Manchester without success. Country music, static or talk shows. The cell phone app for radio stations doesn’t include the Cincinnati station. XM satellite radio is not helpful, and the Big East cell phone app is stuck on the half time score.

Finally, near E-town the feint signal of WKRD. Did Paul Rogers actually say Louisville is leading 57-54? Another long minute, the signal improving, getting confirmation. UofL has indeed taken the lead, thanks to a couple of three-pointers by Luke Hancock, a three-pointer by Chane Behanan, and free throws from Kevin Ware, Montrezl Harrell and Behanan.

Russ Smith has miraculously recovered from a severe ankle sprain, doing his thing again, hitting all eight of his free throw attempts, along with a three-pointer. His final stats will include 12-of-12 free throws, four assists and 19 points in a 87-78 win.

Reception will go in and out during Rick Pitino’s post game show, “Russ Smith this …” and “Peyton Siva that…” The coach laughing at his own jokes again. Bzzz.

The struggles and memories of listening to Louisville games on the radio aren’t relegated to the good old days just yet.

Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

5 thoughts on “On the road with UofL radio network”

  1. I feel your pain, as a Former UofL student (just got my masters Friday!) from Calvert City I’ve had this happen a few times. Being in band, never had to hunt for a football game, but I remember desperately trying to find a basketball game or two in the dead zone between e town and Dawson springs. Depending on the weather, 790 can get you almost to beaver dam.

  2. Congrats to Casey.

    Ah, U of L on the radio, brings back memories of listening to Denny Crum as we left Freedom Hall. I would have been better served finding the sound on radio and avoiding Gminski’s worthless commentary; had me so mad with his unfamiliarity with our team and his bias.

    Quite a game, and while the refs missed some both ways, (elbow to Siva’s mouth, pushing Luke in the back, Siva reach), they mostly got it right. In the Memphis paper the fans are angry at the refs and Pastner; surprisingly they also were leaving with over a minute left. They missed out. That last minute was intense, and it could have gone either way for most of it. A good win for us.

  3. Reminds me of last year, being in Evansville on business and unable to find the game on the internet. Driving around in the car, finally getting a weak signal for WKRD (mixed in with two other stations, including one from Cuba that would boost suddenly and blast Latin music just when it seemed the Cards were about to do something well).

    Parked atop a parking garage, the security guy rolls by during halftime and is highly suspicious on my reasoning for being there. Stops by again with three minutes remaining and asks for identification. I comply.

    After a Burke three gives the Cards the lead, I’m ready to return to the hotel when a Evansville Police cruiser pulls up next to me. The explanation again. Fortunately these two guys were much more understanding and chuckle at my devotion to UofL WBB. They point out that there had been a series of break-in’s of vehicles in this particular garage…hence the worry.

    I assure them I’m not their suspect and offer to leave immediately but they just laugh again and tell me it’s OK to stay and listen to the post-game show and Walz’s comments.

    The Cubans, however, ramp the wattage and WKRD is gone for good.

    Crazy times following Cards hoops. Been there, done that.

  4. It’s a shame that you can’t even seem to get a subscription to listen to those games. There is the cbssports app that lets you listen to a small percentage of the games but from what I’ve heard from people who tried it is that it’s broken for 1 out of every 3 games.

    There is no good reason that in todays age they should be able to negotiate this across the board. I think Iheartradio could do something with this. I’d be perfectly willing to pay 100 a year for audio of all games.

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