Missouri State, weather or not

So following three of the driest months in the history of the world, the loyalty of University of Louisville football fans may be tested for the second week in a row by unpredictable weather.

U of L fans passed the first test, turning out in record numbers of 55,386 for the opener against Kentucky. No problem getting motivated for that one, considering all the trash talking by UK players and fans. Especially gratifying was the fact that so few UK fans were in Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.

Now comes the real test, a game against Missouri State, a team most fans didn’t know existed until they looked at this year’s schedule. Missouri State earned some respect last week, trailing Kansas State by only 16-9 going into the fourth quarter. Then lost it all by collapsing in the fourth and losing 51-9.

Saturday’s game is not about Missouri State, however. It’s about a good Louisville football team. There’s so much at stake for the program during the conference expansion break. So few games during the football season, the time goes so quickly.

UofL fans have endured a number of memorable games involving the elements. The worst possible conditions in a football stadium are 90-plus degree temperatures, like those that hovered over Papa John’s Cardinal stadium in the inaugural game in 1997.

Remember the icy Liberty Bowl game against Colorado State with temps hovering around 10 degrees? There was the shocker in a driving rain against No. 3 Florida State and steady sleet while UofL was pummeling Cincinnati. Fun times, great memories, games one never forgets. The only thing they haven’t seen is a game in the snow.

See ya again Saturday, rain or shine.

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Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

7 thoughts on “Missouri State, weather or not”

  1. Not sure what weather station you’re watching, but everything I’ve seen says it should be fine by game time. Storms in the overnight with a little rain leftover early am, but mostly sunny by afternoon.

    1. As always the weather is unpredictable and the forecasts are wrong as often as they are right, changing from day to day. Nothing would make me happier than a cool clear day Saturday.

  2. Never played in the snow??? How about our first date, at a UofL game, naturally, and it snowed that night! Go Cards!!!

  3. I could have done without you reminding me of that Liberty Bowl. We had so many layers of clothes on I was sweating when I finished the climb to my seat. The real problem was we were going to drive part way home after the game and there was no way we could get in the car with 216 layers of clothes on because I wouldn’t be able to get the A/C to kick on.

    We did a five minute strip in the parking lot to get down to a manageable amount of clothes. Got some very strange looks too.

  4. No doubt the worst thing about that Colorado State Liberty Bowl was the awful weather. The second worst thing was that we actually LOST, despite having Branch as a wide receiver. Once our brains froze, who cared! Right?

    Otherwise, we’ve won the three other Liberty Bowls we played in (with two of the three other ones cold, too).

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