Making it through the summer

So how do fans who spend nine to 10 months a year following University of Louisville athletics survive the next two months without UofL competition? I’m not really sure. The opening football game against Auburn in the Georgia Dome is Sept. 5.

Thanks to Dan McDonnell’s team for extending the baseball season, putting the Cardinals within one game of the College World Series. One questionable foul ball/home run away. We may never know for certain. Really makes it difficult watching the championship series with Virginia and Vanderbilt, knowing UofL should have been there.2014-15-e1419956266732

Rick Pitino’s basketball team from one missed free throw away from returning to the Final Four for the third time in the last four seasons. UofL making only six field goals in the second half, Mangok Mathiang’s second free throw attempt not even close. Pitino willing his team to another incredible finish.

Bobby Petrino delivering a 31-28 win in the first-ever football game against Notre Dame at South Bend and a 9-4 won-lost record with a trio of untested, unproven and injury-plagued quarterbacks.

Jeff Walz guiding his women’s basketball team to another Sweet 16 appearance before getting blown out by Dayton. Superior opposing talent finally overcoming great coaching. Walz is 20-5 in the NCAA tournament, second only to UConn’s Geno Auriemma.

Over the next few weeks, fans could watch some of the many DVR games that were recorded over the last year. But most won’t because what’s done is done and there’s no suspense. Might want to take a little time and clear them out, except, of course, for the 2013 NCAA basketball championship game.

By his count, the observer attended, watched on TV or listened on radio to more than 150 different games, not including soccer and softball,  over the past academic year. Lots of tension and ups and down over a long period of time, not to be rewarded with a major bowl win or a national championship. Maybe it was time for a break.

How are you making it through the summer?

Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

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  1. I figure Cards fans will somehow survive. Who I really pity are the radio guys who have to come up with programming. I mean, how long can you go on and on about Pete Rose? Really. Go Cards!

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