Mad Monday, Lady Cards and the broken toe

Monday was going to be one of those jampacked days, the observer having to pay close attention to his real time job, that of monitoring certain legislative issues for retailers in 10 states. Knowing Card Game would be neglected but accepting that the livelihood has to come first. Even during NCAA week.

Jarred from a sound sleep at 7 a.m. by the telephone chirping. “Charles Springer?” “Yes?” Cut that call off immediately. Friends and associates don’t begin conversations that way. But, uh oh, was that the air conditioner repair guy? Hurry downstairs, check the caller I.D., turns out to be an 800 number. The air conditioner guy would call while I was making bacon and eggs and show up just when I was sitting down to eat them. Fortunately just the fan motor, but he needs to borrow a hack saw to fit the blade.

All the while the observer gearing himself up to send 200 to 300 retail legislative e-mail alerts, each one requiring strict attention to detail, even more so with the unpredictability of Microsoft Word’s mail merge program. What works right one time will inevitably fail the next, forcing adjustments and re-dos throughout the day. No time to monitor Card Game, muchless make a post. Grueling.

Taking time to sort through the mail, a notice from Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw that the license renewal was three months overdue. Who knew they even sent out second notices? Motor to the governent building, and a long line even in the middle of the month. Pay the annual fee for the University of Louisville license plate.

Back to the e-mail alerts, grinding, mind whirling, making a couple of mistakes on some, including a board member, call the board member, brown nose, laugh it up. Take a breath. Back to the routine, building momentum. “Dinner’s ready,” comes a voice from the kitchen. He has to eat already. Then it’s off to managing the Monday night pool league, teams wanting to yak about obscure rules while the U of L women’s team is immersed in a battle for survival against Maryland in the NCAA basketball tournament.

Get out of there at half time, straight home to see the second 20 minutes. This team just will not quit. Open the door from the garage and Barbara is curled up on the counch, with a painful look on her face and an ice pack around one foot. She has either dislocated or broken her left big toe, having jammed it against furniture. “Do we need to get to a hospital?” “No, I’m not going anywhere until this game is over,” she says.

The Lady Cards all short 72-68 to the ACC champions in a donnybrook on Maryland’s home court. Going to be a contender next season. Then it’s off for some medical attention, learning those neighborhood medical shops close at 9, hearing out to Jewish on Old Henry Road to wait, wait and wait some more. The big toe is broken, and mom will have to be careful, leaving around midnight. The day is over, straight to bed. Sorry Card Game.

Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

2 thoughts on “Mad Monday, Lady Cards and the broken toe”

  1. Sorry to hear about Mrs. Observer’s toe, Charlie. Didn’t break any bones here last night…but a particular couch pillow got pummeled repeatedly and a few words were expressed that probably wouldn’t cut it with the parish Preist.

    Thanks to ESPN2 for their 3 Stooges move of not getting this one to the outlying Cardinal fans base until the game was well-underway. People scrambling to laptops to fine the 1970’s technology challenged ESPN 3 and irate phone calls and e-mails to CARDINAL COUPLE demanding explanations, satisfaction (and one order for a large pepperoni and sausage pizza with cheesy bread.)

    In the end…a sad ending to the UofL WBB season but undying gratitude to this bunch of never-say-die Lady Cards for a most enjoyable roller-coaster ride this year.

    The future looks bright for ‘Walz Ball.’ Locate the sunglasses and mark your calender…the 2012-13 is just a bit over seven months away.

    1. Thanks, Paul. Hey, the pain of watching their great season end was muted by a quiet, somber trip to ER. Thanks indeed to the Lady Cards for the thrills. Go Cards!

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