Holliman steals spur Louisville’s 34-3 rout of FIU

One long game, a trying experience, prolonged by a mix of inclement weather and inconsistent football.

The University of Louisville’s offense is the opposite extreme of the defense thus far. The ultimate success of this year’s season is likely be more of a reflection of Todd Grantham’s direction than Bobby Petrino’s hallmark.

UofL’s 34-3 win over Florida International was much closer than the score indicates, with the final outcome largely influenced by two consecutive Gerod Holliman’s interceptions. 2-Louisville-vs.-Florida-International

Until Holliman made his first pick of an Alex McGough pass, taking it 32 yards to the end zone, the UofL offense was struggling. Thanks to the lack of much protection from his offensive line, Will Gardner was running for his life again.

Holliman would then make his second consecutive interception of the day, and Petrino was ready to pounce on the shaken FIU defense. UofL would tack on two more touchdowns in the final two minutes and seven seconds, taking a 28-0 lead to the lockerroom at half time.

Despite completing two touchdown passes, Gardner was still feeling his way out there. Lacking much mobility, he’s still getting passes deflected, going down too easily, and giving up the ball too often. Still not taking advantage of his size, more mannequin than macho. His deficiencies are made worse by the fact that he’s not getting much protection from his offensive line.

James Quick, meanwhile, is going in the opposite direction, gaining confidence, taking advantage of his five-star capabilities, finding gaping holes in the FIU defense, scoring two touchdowns on 74-yard and 37-yard pass plays.

Gardner failed to get up following his final sack with six minutes remaining in the third quarter, and no information has been forthcoming.

Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.