Louisville Football: How About Some Reality

By Sonja Sykes

Any fan who doesn’t think Tom Jurich is painfully aware of the slip, slide and fall of University of Louisville football over the last two seasons is not giving him enough credit for realizing there is a problem.

The point is…what good would firing Kragthorpe right now accomplish? What recruits we do have coming in would bail faster than a Justin Marks fastball.

The old adage … give someone enough rope and they’ll eventually hang themselves comes to mind here. One more season of declining football and Tom will most likely make the proper move. But, if for some reason, we do improve…say a 7-5 or 8-4 season (I know…sounds impossible, but play along with me here) then it’s a scenario where he just might be headed in the right direction.

Bottom line is this: We gave Ron Cooper three years, it took Howard Schnellenberger three years to get things righted and Krags will get his third year. My guess is that if we go 3-9 or 4-8, Krags will resign. Even a 5-7 or 6-6 may get him out of here. But, don’t look for it to happen until the season is over.

In the meantime, cheer for the players. It’s not like they want to be .500 or worse.

Author: Sonja Sykes

Sonja Sykes is an avid fan of University of Louisville athletics, especially the women's basketball team.

10 thoughts on “Louisville Football: How About Some Reality”

  1. Sonja,

    Charlie, you, and I ALL sound about the same, and we are trying to get the same message across.

    I don’t think Krag is on anyone’s Christmas list as of yet for his performance here, but since the last year Schnelly was here, we have been through (4) more coaches. I did an average, and since the last year Schnelly was here, we average a new coach every 2.8 years.

    Just how many times does it take to reiterate that some hate Krag?

    We heard them already. Tom has heard them already.

    Krag is here for the season, no matter how many more firekragthorpe.com sites they put up.

    I just think that it is counterproductive at this juncture of the year, and it is clear Krag will be the captain.

    I may have to wear Kevlar to go out in public to protect myself from our OWN FANS, by supporting THE PROGRAM AND THE KIDS, not a single coach.

    Louisville football is an intitution. Coaches come and go.

    I have to find a new place to tailgate this season, due to why would I want to tailgate with a bunch of cry-baby haters?

    If anyone cound direct my beautiful Nikki and I to a new tailgate or have some suggestions, let me know.

    I have been confused as of late as some “Kragapologist”, by CHOOSING to support my Cards.

    Again, the people who are still supporting are not doing it for Krag IMO. We do it for the kids and the program. Has nothing to do with a single coach.

    My question to all the Krag bashers:

    “How well have you guys faired on ousting Krag up until this point with all your cumulative efforts”?

    All the effort these people have put into tearing Krag, Jurich, the kids for Christ sake down, what has it resulted for them?

    I will tell you: NOTHING.

    1. keep trying to sell that team spirit stuff. I’ve rooted for this team since I can remember, and have seen bad times. But I thought this kind of football was behind us with a guy like Jurich in charge. My fear is Krag does terribly and keeps his job. That is my fear, and as for the recruits, well bringing in a coach like a Tommy Tubberville can’t hurt recruiting, the kids that would de-commit would be the ones who are smart enough to realize that the aren’t good enough to play in major college football. A new coach and complete staff would help this fan base unite and build some freakin excitement around the program. Honestly its just not there at the moment.

  2. Admittedly, the excitement about Cardinal football is probably at an all time low since the 1-10 Cooper season.

    But, let’s review what makes up a fan base. They grumbled, cried and even handed out flyers at UK games not so long ago to “Ditch Mitch and Rich.” Still, they put 55,000 in the seats. It paid off. Sitting theu Cooper’s final season was rough. But, the fans came back. It will happen again. If you want to be a front running, fair weather, “love us when we’re winning” fan…this is your option.

    In my opinion, a true fan sits thru it, thick or thin, good or bad and hopes for the best. A true fan celebrates us, win or lose…because we are the university, the tradition and…if you don’t want to do that…then get the hell out of the way and come back when we’re better. You money, your option.

    I’ve seen it all in 28 years of Cardinal football. I still show up. God willing, I’ll be there 28 years from now. 11-1 or 1-11. It’s my team.

  3. You can still cheer the players, support the team, love the institution, etc and still want the coach to go ASAP. Of course canning him right now would damage the program/upcoming season. Putting a tourniquet on a severed limb would damage it too but it would sure as hell keep the rest of the body from dying. Get him outta here yeserday and get the real rebuilding job started already. That would be doing it the right way.

    And the Schnelly comparison is laughable and insulting. The time frame might be similar but the way they run their programs are vastly different.

  4. If there is one thing I know about Howard, he wouldn’t see any insult on a 3 year comparision with another UofL coach just starting a job. He gave us ten good years, but the first three were rough. Laughable? Howard ruled with an iron fist and always took the blame or credit for anything. Sound familiar to the “it’s all on me” credo from Krags this year?

  5. How does throwing the adminstrative assistant under the bus jive with the “all on him” philosophy?

    And of course Howard would agree with giving him more time if asked in an interview, but I bet he would snicker about this guy behind closed doors.

  6. I’ll take that bet anytime about Howard snickering behind closed doors about Kragthorpe. Howard himself was the victim of high expectations, average results, whiney backers and (unlike here) an impaitent athletic director. He was shoved out the door at Oklahoma after one season. And you’re saying he’d snicker at a guy who’s been bashed, slashed, trashed and hashed after his first two.

    Do some research on the history of Howard Schnellenberger and his career in football…then come back with some rationale discussion. You’re letting your hate for Kragthorpe cloud your judgement.

  7. Certainly, he started to build a Louisville defense that looked like it could develop into something. The players respected and liked him. Two years at EMU may be enough. Time will tell

  8. Getting back to the “it’s all on me” credo, name one instance in which anything has actually been on Krags. He’s been spewing that BS since he got here, but in the end it’s always the previous coaching administration, OC’s, DC’s, players and now an ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT that take the heat. I despise Krags not because of his coaching ability (or serious lack thereof) but rather his self righteous, “stand up guy” charade both he and Jurich force down fan’s throats. He and the rest of the Athletic Department have done nothing but made excuses for his sorry ass since the Syracuse collapse while also claiming he’s some sort of role model who accepts complete responsibilty. If anything was every truly “on him” his ass would have been gone after the final down of the 07 season.

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