Louisville defense a no show on Bridgewater’s birthday

While a 9-0 start was doing wonders for improving the national perception of University of Louisville football, a loss appeared almost inevitable with so many shortcomings in critical areas of the game.

Starting with a defense that has routinely allowed opponents to move the ball almost at will and counted on other teams to stop themselves. Little semblance of effectiveness on special teams, glaring weaknesses in kicking and and kick returns, offensively and defensively.

Not much difference between the loss and all the wins the University of Louisville football program has claimed this season, except that it was a total defensive letdown this time, yielding almost 300 yards rushing and 246 yards passing.

Digging themselves a hole so deep that not even Teddy Bridgewater could bail out the defense. Nowhere to hide. Totally exposed.

In previous games, Bridgewater and his stable of receivers had successfully managed to overcome the adversity created by the defense, allowing their teammates to avoid the harsh glare of the spotlight. From game one through game 10, there has been little, if any, noticeable improvement.

Charlie Strong’s charges confirmed in the 45-26 loss to Syracuse, that despite its 9-0 record, that Louisville is far from being a national contender. That most of the wins have come against inferior competition. That having an exceptional quarterback like Bridgewater cures lots of ills, at least for a while.

Or, as Charlie Strong has kept saying, this team has a lot of room to grow.

A rotten birthday for Bridgewater even though he had a solid performance. He was never in a position to respond to the onslaught. All but lost in the thrashing was the fact that the Miami sophomore completed 36 of 50 passes for 422 yards and three touchdowns.

Don’t bother checking out the BCS Standings or the polls on Sunday. Louisville, the last great hope of the Big East, will be hard to find.

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Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

6 thoughts on “Louisville defense a no show on Bridgewater’s birthday

  1. Charlie you are right as usual,the only time Louisviille defense has stopped anyone all season is when their opponents have stopped themselves.The truth is our defense is bad and it has been bad pretty much all season.Total butt kicking today

  2. If there is a silver lining i can take from this game it’s knowing that we still control our own destiny within the conference,IF we can get wins against UCONN and Rutgers the BCS berth is still ours!

  3. For a team with primarily Sophomores, Redshirt(and legit)-Freshmen, and little Senior level experience, the Cards have done really well so far. I am disappointed the “Magical Season” has ended, but there’s still more football to play. I think wins over UConn and Rutgers seal the deal.

    With a week off, we may be surprised by the defensive intesity of the next two games. CCS is a defensive coach by training and mind-set. I trust he will get the attention and performance from this group. We still lead the league and have TB at QB.

    I do wish we weren’t playing Rutger’s on their Senior Day. We have to bring our A+ game.

  4. This was Coach Strong’s worst coached game since he has been here. He did not have the team prepared for game at all. Special teams have been a complete failure all season. The defense is sub par as well.

    I hate to say this, but here goes Charlie strong’s body lanuage at the Cuse game looked just like Joker Phillips body lanuage! In addition we have been blessed with a weak schedule that let us struggle along to get to 9-0! And sadly we were destroyed by weak sub par Cuse team.

    I know Coach Strong is better coach than Steve Kragthorpe, but is a better than average coach, I do not think so. I still think he is an apprentice head coach in training.

  5. Guys can someone tell me why we had a very good defense for the last 2 years and this year same coaches ,but radically different results. I know we lost some very good seniors but I can’t believe that is the only factor. I have notice that the defense is much less aggressive this year,and appears to be blown off the line,when it’s not filling gaps in cutback,while putting no pressure on opposing quarterbacks… Please tell me what’s going on????

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