Lightweight Villanova floors Louisville, 73-64

Inevitable letdown after losing to a top five team.

That and a lack of respect from a University of Louisville basketball team for a mediocre-but-fired-up Villanova. Did their fans really rush the court after the game?

Rick Pitino, disposing of his tie the second half against Syracuse, staying all buttoned up in his double breasted suit all game long. What’s up with that, coach? Seriously.

UofL’s two minute offense these days, especially when trailing, will consist of Peyton Siva dribbling down the lane, throwing a pass between defenders to either Chane Behanan or Gorgui Dieng, usually too far under the basket. The recipient will bobble the ball, attempt to get into position, and get the ball swatted away.  Like clockwork the past two games.

Siva will turn in a double-double, with 15 assists — good for a blowout on a normal night — and score 15 points. Problem was he wasn’t getting any assists from his mates.

Russ Smith, if he’s not hitting his shots, will lose confidence, slow down on defense, start missing at the free throw line, and not be much of a factor.  Evidently Villanova didn’t excite him much.

Wayne Blackshear, hitting five of eight three-point shots, but languishing when the game is on the line. His 17 points keeping Louisville close. Still not perceived as a closer, however, and he’s not getting any special plays designed for him, at least not yet. Not until it becomes painfully obvious that the offense is much too predictable.

Gorgui Dieng, looking lost in the first half, lacking energy and strength. Still deflecting one shot after another but receiving credit for only two blocks.

Chane Behanan, with only two shots, hitting one of them. Five rebounds, but otherwise missing in action.

Villanova? You don’t say.

Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

9 thoughts on “Lightweight Villanova floors Louisville, 73-64”

  1. Deja vu all over again! Looking more and more like last year’s team. Is there a Phoenix awaiting to rise from the ashes at season’s end once again? Let’s hope.

  2. Not sure what to expect from this team or CRP. Total inconsistancy, lack of emotion, playing “down” to the opponent, yada yada yada.

    As a FAN-atic…I obviously expect more. Since we all die…I really hope I don’t pass away while CRP is figuring out how to coach.

  3. What separates great players from good and average players is how they respond in times of stress. Great players are able to maintain and stay with the things that they have learned that allowed them to be great. Good and average players revert back to old bad habits. What we have seen in the past two games are players reverting back to their old bad habits when things have gotten tight. After playing most of the year under control, Smith has reverted back to his old uncontrolable self with eratic passes and shots. Behanan has lost his focus on simply catching the ball and finishing close in shots. Dieng has looked like a high school sophomore still growing into his body. It is a long season that will have ups and downs. It is not yet time to panic. But, the last two games have shown some ominous parallels to where this team was at this time last year.

  4. Mr Observer- I am willing to bet you $100 that I can go with you to Seneca park and I will make at least 5 out of 10 free throws. Better than chane and the cards. Despite me NOT being a 20 year old college athlete who practices all the time, best coaching and training, etc. Why is that??????

    1. First, you have to run 25 laps around the park to work up a sweat. Then you can step up to the free throw line after watching three other people miss all their free throw attempts. Then I will take your bet.

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