Good Luck wishes from UofL: Student athletes encourage kids to reach goals

Two weeks ago, students from Byck Elementary welcomed special visitors that brought kind wishes, beautiful letters, words of encouragement, and great examples of how much can be achieved with hard work and dedication. These special visitors were University of Louisville student athletes, showing how vital humanitarian work, friendship, love, and care is to the community and children. 

After writing and sending over 12,000 “Good luck” letters for elementary school students, UofL student athletes decided to make one hand-delivery to Byck Elementary students. It’s not all fun and games for these young elementary school students, as they are facing KPREP testing. Luckily, these young students are not going to take these important tests without big encouragement — they have the whole UofL team cheering for them!

This inspiring project of writing “Good Luck” letters is not just an excellent thing for elementary school children. It’s also a rich experience for UofL students. Nothing unites people better and offers a more rewarding experience than helping others, and UofL student-athletes keep showing over and over again that they know that quite well!  

Hard Work and a Bit of Luck

KPREP testing is maybe the first difficult challenge that elementary school students have to face, and it’s crucial for them to feel supported and encouraged by the community. Everybody feels more encouraged when they hear honest good-luck wishes, and it’s no different with young children. Plus, nobody knows better than athletes that a bit of luck always comes in handy. Just as ancient card players expected “good hands” from the gods, athletes too sometimes expect positive vibes, good thoughts, encouragement, and some good luck wishes from the community.

For athletes, good luck can reside in some special ritual — a favorite routine. On the other hand, for card players, it is often brought by playing cards’ symbolic meanings. But for children, it flies over from warm hearts and encouraging words of the community. Moreover, it comes from inspiring words of young intellectuals that already know how success is made and how the battle is won.

A foundation for every success is built on hard work, dedication, and discipline, but luck is important too. People who are facing a challenge always feel more relaxed and confident if they feel like good luck follows them. Since the dawn of time, athletes, warriors, sailors, travelers, artists, and many more have all prayed for some good luck and greeted it with gratitude. There is a thousands-of-years-long relationship between athletes and good fortune — a bond that carries strong symbolic meaning. Now, young athletes are the ones who are sending good-luck wishes and positive vibes!

With Great Reputation Comes Great Responsibility

As university students and great young athletes, the UofL student-athletes know how important it is to share their knowledge and stories with the community. Personal success is not just a personal victory; it’s a new responsibility towards the community. More than anything, success is a new responsibility towards the youngest among us — those who are just stepping into life, challenges, tests, and emotional experiences. UofL student-athletes showed us what it means to embrace your responsibility towards your community and share your time, the things you have learned, your wisdom, energy, and kindness with those who need it the most.

Byck Elementary students greeted this beautiful gesture from UofL students with smiles and showed how much every act of kindness means. UofL students are those who are role models to these young children — people that they are looking up to and getting inspired by. Now, these children had a chance to see that their role models were not far away — that they think, worry, and care about them. Most of all, their role models are cheering them on and rooting for their success. It’s always easier to face a challenge when you have someone else’s support, but if those who are rooting for you are those that you look up to and those who inspire you, the challenge becomes so much easier to beat.

One can hope that this excellent example of philanthropy, maturity, and awareness will inspire others to do something similar for their communities — most of all, for the children. Success is built with patience — one step at a time. And by doing so, the community improves and gradually becomes a better place.