Dieng’s foul problems continuing concern for Louisville

Twenty-five seconds into the game, Gorgui Dieng picks up his first foul.

A costly one.  Dieng’s time in this game will be limited, no way he’s around at the end. Rick Pitno knows it instinctively, as does his countpart, Mike Brey of Notre Dame.

Dieng has made himself the indispensable player, the one the University of Louisville can’t do without. He’s mastered much of the offensive and defensive phases of the game. It’s those off-guard moments, when those natural instincts take over, over which he has to exert self-control. When someone snatches ball, let it go, it’s over, gone, get back on defense.

When Dieng leaves the lineup, he takes half of U of L’s defensive presence with him, leaving UofL vulnerable in the middle. No one with his post moves, no one with his quickness, no intimidation factors, no shot blocking abilities.

And apparently no one competent of providing him any relief, certanly not Rakeem Buckles or Zach Price at this point.

Buckles is lacking any semblance of a shot, no matter where he puts the ball up, let alone those over the shoulder shots under the basket. That’s a difficult shot for even the best players, let it go. Free throw shooting? Forget it. Granted, he’s still getting back in shape after the knee injury but he seems to lack self control and coordination.

Zach Price, the big 6-foot-10, 235-pound freshman, is not getting off the bench anytime soon. He hasn’t seen the basketball court in almost a month.

Dieng would collect the inevitable fifth foul in the first overtime in the 67-65 loss, having played only 27 minutes in a 50-minute game.

Missed, and missing in action.

Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

12 thoughts on “Dieng’s foul problems continuing concern for Louisville”

  1. Siva cost them the game. Again. His out of control play is a liability. His fault in double overtime.

    1. SteveKo, Would you please quit blaming Siva for everything that happens. If he had hit that layup, you would have blamed him for not making a three-pointer. It’s getting downright silly.

    2. It’s not Siva. It is the woeful offense that we are running. What is more predictable than one dimensional? And with no NBA go to guy on the team (recruiting woes that have to be laid on Pitino) our offense is like a root canal without anesthetic.

  2. No doubt if Dieng is on the bench we are at a huge disadvantage, especially with Rock and Swope missing 2-3ft shots from the rim. Pitino’s post game press conference he blamed poor execution at the end of the game and cited two the two things he asked his players not to do; they turned right around and done it. But what about the rest of the game? I’m sorry but this team looks confused and disoriented, and so worried about playing Pitino’s “system” they are forgetting the basic fundamentals that made them great. And poor Nunez and Price are not being afforded to play through their mistakes like Pitino did, and is currently doing for Siva.

  3. Zacker – IF he had hit the layup?? That wasn’t going to happen! I’m only talking facts. And the fact is Siva isn’t playing well enough to take that kind of shot — driving the lane, out-of-control, andd throwing the ball up. A VERY low percentage shot. Dumb.

    Facts – Siva is ranked #49 in the Big East in points per game (behind Russ Smith). Siva is ranked #3 in in the Big East in turnovers. #3! He’s only made 35 field goals (worst on the team outside of Ware and Van Treese.) He’s only made 8 three-point shots (Kuric 28, R. Smith 21 and C.Smith 22.)

    He’s being outplayed by his teammates and, obviously, the other teams. He’s not producing and shouldn’t have the ball in his hands during critical times.

    I hope he gets it bacck on track, but for now, he’s nothing more than a mediocre player. Fact.

  4. It’s also getting downright silly for anyone to still believe Siva is special this year. As previously posted, his #’s and contribution show he’s only mediocre. If Big East stats were listed without the players’ names, there’s no way Siva would be in any discussion about being a top player in the conference, much less his own team. Wake up Zacker and face the facts.

    1. Peyton’s dad recently put a post on Inside the Ville that his son is facing some challenges. Whether that includes the recent concussion and his ankle problem we don’t know. He’s not the same player he was last season but he is giving it everything he has. Might want to ease up on him a bit.

    2. When Siva charges down the lane for a layup, I feel deja vu: Oh no, Sosa’s back!

      Maybe there should be a bylaw that Rick will never again recruit a player whose last name is 4 letters, beginning with an S and ending with an A.

      Go Cards!

  5. This is just a continuance of our infamous “bridge” season. There is no more talent on the floor at any given time than what was on the court during the Morehead St. game. Siva is not Sosa. Russ Smith is Edgar Sosa. As it was once said about Sosa, Smith keeps both teams in the game.

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