Clint Hurtt back where he belongs

Clinton-HurttThere he was in the middle of the practice field, as imposing as ever. Maybe more so.

Clint Hurtt is back where he belongs, coaching while defensive line, waiting for the NCAA to decide his future. Their decision making process moves at a snail’s pace so it could conceivably being another year before that happens. Not quite as eroded as the actual judicial system but close.

Why not spend the time productively, freeing up Charlie Strong to look at the big picture, getting his University of Louisville football team ready for the 2013 season? Hurtt is an integral part of this football team, having recruited a high percentage of the 36 players from Florida on the roster.

Hurtt was on administrative leave for several months, the University giving him time to work on his defense for alleged violations at Miami University four years ago. The investigative process went sour when the NCAA hired a questionable consultant, raising all kinds of questions about the process, getting several investigators fired, harming the organization’s overall credibility.

He may have spent a little too much time because he’s bigger than ever, a prime candidate for Pat Moorer’s strengthening and conditioning program. But his size is part of what makes him such an intimidating presence on the field, that along with him no-nonsense temperament, gaining instant respect for him from his players.

At the same time, Hurtt is an affable individual, outgoing and friendly to players and fans alike, which contributes to his overall effectiveness as a recruiter. It’s hard for anyone to say no to him, he’s that likeable.

He may well not be around for long if the NCAA takes a hard line. Miami was obviously out of control for quite a while, and Hurtt was caught up in that culture.  Different place, unusual times.

For now, he’s exactly where he should be, continuing to make positive contributions to the University of Louisville football program.

Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.