Charlie Strong: Ville’s the one

Any more outstanding issues out there needing to be resolved? Bring them on.

Pete Thammel, of Sports Illustrated, is reporting that Charlie Strong has recommitted to the University of Louisville football program, turning down an offer to coach at Tennessee.

The word followed reports throughout the day Wednesday that UofL and UT were engaged in an intense bidding war for Strong’s services. Tennessee representatives had flown to Louisville to make a counter offer, and raise the stakes even higher if necessary.

Louisville and Strong are finalizing a long-term extension that could be announced as early as Thursday. It’s expected to be a significant commitment in both years and dollars and will reportedly put Strong in the top echelon of coaches in the ACC. The Louisville extension ends Tennessee’s courtship of Strong, who had one brief meeting on Sunday with Tennessee chancellor Jimmy Cheek in Louisville.

So when push came to shove, Strong made good on his word to his coaches, players and recruits that he wasn’t going anywhere, choosing a Big East and future Atlantic Coast Conference school over a Southeastern Conference member.

Strong finally signs that contract extension, and now can put his sole focus on Florida and the Sugar Bowl. It will be a relief to see him happy again. 

Tom Jurich emerges on top once more,  and Louisville football will never again be taken for granted. 

Now can we can get back to the ACC celebrating?

Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

5 thoughts on “Charlie Strong: Ville’s the one”

  1. Just one more issue to be resolved since you asked. How many fans will turn up at the next Card March?

  2. Who could have foreseen the last two weeks!?! Probably, only Tom Jurich….and maybe Jim Ramsey! How sweet it is

    Though I’m excited about going back to NOLA for the Sugar Bowl, I AM much more excited about our possibly having locked down Charlie for at least a few more years as he, Pitino, Jurich and Ramsey steer Battleship Louisville into Port ACC!!

    Now about the comparison with the Big Blue….naw, naw…not going there…not gonna do it!!!

  3. As I have stated all along Strong has character and for those who were agree about his criticism should look in the mirror, for this program to become a national power we will have to change our habits. Everyone likes a good tailgate but it is about the team and they notice, like it or not, how many empty seats there are at all times in the game. Good times ahead! Go Cards!

    1. Hey Bob, thanks for commenting. The Charlie Strong press conference today reaffirmed that we have someone special in charge of UofL football these days. All the rumors swirling, combined with the lack of factual information, had the collective imagination of UofL fans running wild for a couple of days. Hopefully Charlie Strong’s comments will sink in and fans will recognize the vast potential of this football program and become more football savvy. The games can still be good places to socialize but the action on the field will become the main focal point.

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