Angel’s Muggers Coming To Town

Pack The House — Sunday is Pack The House day and the University of Kentucky is the opponent for the University of Louisville Lady Cards basketball team. Game time is 2 p.m., and tickets are $5 each ($2 each if you buy 10 or more).

The Lady Wildcats were not ladylike last season at Rupp Arena. Coach Matthew Mitchell’s Hell Cats physically abused Angel McCoughtry, sending her to the dressing room for almost 20 minutes. But she returned with stitches on her forehead in the second half to nail down a 80-65 win for UofL.

If you want the University of Kentucky to know which university owns Louisville, you need to be there to send a message to the Lexingtonians. Carly Ormerod, a Wildcat who haughtily snubbed the Cards, played at Sacred Heart Academy in the confused St. Matthews area where there are entirely too many Cat fans.

A few Cat fans is a few too many.

Get In Now

The crowd of 18,000 – the largest in college women’s basketball – that saw the Lady Cards challenge UConn last season was just a preview of things to come for University of Louisville women’s basketball.

Jeff Walz has a dynamite class of recruits joining Angel McCoughtry and some seasoned veterans next season. This program has already achieved under Walz and will only get better.

June 30th is the deadline to purchase season tickets for $50 each for next season. They will be going up after that, like everything else.

Buying women’s basketball tickets may well be the best option for some fans to gain entry into the new downtown basketball arena, scheduled to open in 2010.

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