10 Commandments For Football Fans

10 Commandments for Football Fans

Sometimes it’s the little things that spoil the fun at football games. The worst offenders are people who would never violate etiquette at a Broadway production but routinely offend others in stadium settings.

Ten Commandments for Football Fans

    • Be in your seat before kickoff. Stumbling over fans as the game begins is not cool.
    • Don’t walk in front of other fans in the middle of a play. Wait for the huddle.
    • Know when to stand or not to stand. Don’t be a dork.
    • Don’t boo the home team.
    • Keep a lid on the foul mouthing. Kids are listening.
    • Keep the cliches to yourself. We’ve heard them all.
    • If wearing headphones, don’t keep repeating what you hear on the radio.
    • Don’t ask seatmates what just happened.  The public address announcer will usually explain.
    • Limit alcohol intake.
    • Don’t leave until the game is over.