Battered But Better Than Rutgers

More resemblance to a Hulk Hogan wrestling production at times than basketball, but the University of Louisville defeated Rutgers 87-82 in two overtimes in the quarterfinals of the Big East women’s basketball tournament.

The Lady Cards withstood every body blow the thuggies, er, ladies from Piscataway dished out. McCoughtry was pummeled to the floor on every layup it seemed, but always jumping back up, ready to go again. The officiating crew, of course, was oblivious to extracurricular activities. She wound up with 35 points despite the battering.

“You have to come prepared for a battle,” McCoughtry said afterward. Angel wasn’t kidding, nor was she smiling.

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Sonja has some more details here on her game-watching experience (not for the meek).

Dominguez: 3 Home Runs, Another Grand Slam

Chris Dominguez had three home runs, including his second grand slam in two days, as the University of Louisville racked up a 19-6 win over Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Jim Patterson Stadium. The All-America third baseman also had nine runs batted in. The Cards are now 7-4 and ranked 25th in the nation. They host Wisconsin-Milwaukee again on Saturday at 2 p.m.

Chris Dominguez hits his second grand slam home in two days.
Chris Dominguez hits his second grand slam home run in two days.
A welcoming committee awaited Domingues after his third career grand slam.
A welcoming committee awaited Dominguez after his third career grand slam.

Senior Night One More Time

Courtesy of Hell In The Hall, some lasting images of Senior Night 2009, with Terrence Williams saying goodbye to Freedom Hall and the seniors doing their music video. Lots of other stuff available there, too. Thanks, Frankpos!


A Freedom Hall Farewell


Four University of Louisville favorites saying goodbye to Freedom Hall tonight, but not to U of L. Two more regular season games, Big East tournament games, and NCAA tournament action still await Andre McGee, Terrence Williams, Earl Clark and Will Scott.

A farewell, but not a goodbye. Not just yet. They’re just leaving Freedom Hall for now, which makes it the end of an era. An opportunity to thank them for their contributions and for being a part of our lives. What the observer will miss when they are gone:

  • Terrence Williams — One of the most gifted players ever. His ability to blow the roof off Freedom Hall with awe-inspiring dunks. Willingness to learn. Sacrifice. Leadership. Engaging personality. Crazy sense of humor, having fun, making people laugh.
  • Earl Clark — Immense physical specimen with huge potential, largely untapped on offense but so obvious on defense and defensive rebounding. Unfortunately, the awkward passing and dribbling (covering my eyes). Occasional flashes of greatness on offense.
  • Andre McGee — An omnipresent force on defense, hounding, shadowing, getting in the faces of opposing guards. Setting an incredible example for his teammates. The smile, a player who always gives the team a lift, loving the school and the fans.
  • Will Scott — A determined but challenged guard with a good three-point shot, always catching up or getting pushed around on defense. The games his shot was a sure thing. Going to Oxford to study modern Chinese dialects.

They are not done, far from done. One would hope these guys are around for at least another month.

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Womens Tournament — The pairings for the Big East women’s basketball tournament were announced on Tuesday. For Sonja’s breakdown, go here.

Exhale: Louisville 62, Marquette 58

About what you would expect when two teams from the top 10 get together from the toughest college basketball conference. Teams knowing which plays the opposition is going to run before coaches call them. Clinging defense. Sporadic offense. Teams not living up to fans’ expectations, win or lose.

  • In many ways, Samardo Samuels personifies the spirit of this particular team, with all his up and downs, looking spectacular at times, a bit silly and inept at other times. Samuels has lots to learn, he knows it and he keeps working to get better. A little improvement here, a little there, and before you know it, he will be a dominant force down the road.
  • No high-wire acts for Terrence Williams in this game, just contributing all-around. Nobody is better at finding their pivot man with those bullet passes. The man loves the game, loves his team. He is the leader, the one his teammates look up to, the one they listen to, the one who sets them straight.
  • Reward time for Andre McGee who has made life hell for opposing point guards. Always smiling, optimistic, positive, he deserved, earned all those points, 16 of them, four of those three-pont swishers.
  • Unpredictable that’s Earl Clark on offense. One just never knows how he’s going to perform on that end of the court and nothing surprises fans, whether he’s hitting or missing three-point shots, finishing or not finishing around the basket, completing or throwing away a pass, whatever. Just keep what you’re doing on defense, Earl, standing tall, grabbing precious rebounds. You keep life interesting, exciting even.
  • Team game, Edgar Sosa. Think team, you perform better.