Campus Insider: Gardner may be better than Bridgewater

At least one analyst believes Will Gardner will be better than Teddy Bridgewater was at the University of Louisville.

Will Gardner
Will Gardner

Campus Insiders’ Rich Cirminiello took up the argument that Louisville quarterback Will Gardner will outplay Teddy Bridgewater, year over year, attempting to convince his disbelieving co-workers.

If his assessment eventually proves to be accurate, one would have to heavily factor Bobby Petrino’s approach to offensive football into the equation. Check out the Campus Insider video at

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Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

1 thought on “Campus Insider: Gardner may be better than Bridgewater”

  1. Bridgewater was a student of the game. He studied films of the games to improve his skills as well as studying the defenses that different teams presented. He did this so much so that much of that info became a part of his subconscious.

    Gardner clearly has the talent. There’s a good chance that he learned a lot from Bridgewater as Bridgewater seemed to be a teacher of the game as well. How much he was able to teach to Gardner remains to be seen. But if Gardner is as much a student of the game as was Bridgewater and can absorb as much of the game into his subconscious as it appears Bridgewater did, then Cirminiello may well be proven right about Gardner.

    Coach Petrino is also a student of the game and he too studies films. Now that teams will be able to access the films of games almost as soon as they’re over, it’s quite likely Gardner will acquire and develop comparable skills equal to or better than Bridgewater.

    The same can be said for backup quarterbacks. If they follow the same learning and development style that Bridgewater introduced and as Petrino can teach, it’s quite likely that subsequent quarterbacks will be even better.

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