Behanan’s NCAA ring making its way home

Sad story about Chane Behanan’s Final Four ring.

The ring, from the University of Louisville basketball team’s appearance in the 2012 NCAA tournament, showed up on the Gray Flannel sports auction site this week, much to the surprise of Behanan and his mom.

The item was apparently taken from his grandmother’s jewelry box in her home in Cincinnati, according to Heaven Warren, his mother, in a USA Today report:

Warren said that after Behanan received his 2012 Final Four ring, she brought it to her mother’s home in Cincinnati – the house in which Chane was raised – because she figured it would be safe there. She said the home was never broken into, but she described it as a hub of social activity.

“Everybody congregates there,” Warren said. “On any given day you can go to my mother’s house, and it’s always somebody there. She’s the one that takes people in if somebody needs a place to stay… friends, cousins, long-distance cousins. There’s really no telling who will be there.”

Now, Warren says, it appears that someone who passed through the home took the ring. She said none of her mother’s other jewelry was missing, however.

Meanwhile, Behanan and UofL basketball are again thrust into a negative spotlight. The NCAA oligarchy apparently doesn’t permit athletes to sell personal property that has been awarded to them by the organization or the school? Grey Flannel is returning the ring to Behanan but the inability for someone to sell personal property doesn’t quite make sense.

Just another one of those stories with a 24-hour news cycle. One good thing about living in a microwave society.

Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.