Schnellenberger sorry he left UofL, doubles down on prophesy

Howard Schnellenberger wants to see his prophesy fulbilled.
Howard Schnellenberger eager to see his prophesy fulfilled.

By Steve Springer

Every die-hard Card fan knows the infamous phrase that Coach Howard Schnellenberger termed during his introductory press conference when he was hired over 30 years ago. But in the event that this season’s unprecedented success and exposure has you donning the red tinted glasses, drinking the Kool-Aid and is consuming you and your bleeding Cardinal heart so much that you can’t think straight, here ya go:

“We’re on a collision course with the national championship. The only variable is time…”
              Howard Schnellenberger

A few months after this glorious prognostication, said coach made another impression on the writer of this article by trading hats with the then 10-year-old at his weekly radio show at W.W. Cousins on Breckenridge Lane. He left as much of a mark on that young fan as he did the University of Louisville’s football relevance and trajectory, so said fan grew up and felt that it was imperative to catch up with the legendary leader in south Florida and ask a few questions about this year’s magical ride.

The author, then 10 years old, gets an autograph from Schnellenberger in 1985.
The author, then 10 years old, gets an autograph from Schnellenberger in 1985.

When asked Monday about how he feels knowing that UofL is on the cusp of realizing the ultimate, Coach told me, “I’m delighted that they have exploded on the scene the way they have and to have the team prepared for the introduction of Action Jackson.” (Yes, Coach has jumped on the sophomore quarterback Lamar Jackson hype train and is officially calling him Action Jackson). He even went as far as to call him the “Commander in Chief for the next two years” and a championship is “inevitable.”

After coining the infamous “collision course” comment, did he really feel like that was possible for a team that almost dropped football and was playing in a minor league baseball stadium in front of freebie-ticket fans? Or was he just appealing to the fan base to generate some excitement and interest in the program?

“I was appealing to my God Almighty, the students, the faculty, the staff, the basketball fans, and to the whole world that Louisville had the capability.

“I was appealing to my God Almighty, the students, the faculty, the staff, the basketball fans, and to the whole world that Louisville had the capability, and when we got the stadium it had the opportunity to become reality; it was the fulfillment of what the University of Louisville was destined to be.”

Why he came to the University of Louisville

When the USFL deal didn’t materialize, what peaked his interest or curiosity about the University of Louisville? Was it just wanting to come home, or was there more?

“It was a combination of a whole bunch of things. The fact that it was my hometown, I played and coached football in Kentucky, played football and basketball for Flaget High School, used to play St. X, Trinity, Manual” and went on to mention his “pipeline to the pro’s from south Florida and saw that that could be important to the scene.”

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A cut & paste for future Pitino blog

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To relevant media outlets:

I would like to rescind my latest comments about conference expansion.  I have been very stressed lately about this whole situation and I was running at the mouth when I should have been mum.

A couple of assistant coaches from the football program sauntered into my office the other day and were quite persuasive in enlightening me on a new approach.  I now have the utmost faith in how Athletic Director Tom Jurich and President Ramsey are handling the situation.  They will do what is best for the University of Louisville.  I plan on retiring in a few years and will finish out my tenure as the Cardinals head basketball coach in whatever conference they deem is best for our school’s future.

I would like to thank the AD, President, and most of the fans for sticking with me during my recent philanderings and appreciate their support.  I would like to rededicate my public soapbox towards this concept.  I will keep my mouth and cybermouth shut about further developments until The University makes an official announcement.  Please do not ask me anymore in regards to this sticky situation, or you will receive a “no comment”.  I have at least one more championship to bring to The Ville before I retire because The University and its loyal fans have paid me enough money so that my great grandchildren can lay on a beach somewhere in the year 2035.

Be sure to check my next blog next Thursday on how I have been catching up on recruiting because of wasting time talking to my buddy Andy.

Go Cards and Go Big Ea…  er … just Go Cards.

By Steve Springer


Catching Up with Tyler Wolfe

One never knows where one is gonna run into a guy with a big fat Orange Bowl ring gleaming in the sunshine.  It caught the eye of the Biggest Fan of the Big East, as much as my surprise, to cross paths with Tyler Wolfe, former University of Louisville quarterback under Bobby Petrino.

He pulls up in a golf cart at a Toyota dealership in Murray wanting to know who was in the naughty Volvo with UofL stickers/plate and wearing a UofL Baseball shirt and red Adidas shorts.   As it turns out, Tyler is married to a Murrayan, Murrayite, Murrisian, eh, who knows (beside the point).

Wolfe is wheelin’ and dealin’ cars and talking football in Racerland as he waits to hear from his agent about any NFL calls he might be getting in the near future.  The lock out mess really got in the way lately, but when asked about any hopeful scenarios, he mentioned the Kansas City Chiefs as a possibility.

The BFOTBE had a feeling that Wolfe wouldn’t want to give out any juicy dirt on the Kragthorpe regime. Sure enough, he was all class. Instead of talking about how Kragthorpe didn’t include him in his “right way” plans, or how the “coach” drove the team off a cliff, into the ground, etc.,  Tyler said after he transferred to Northwestern State, he threw for 350 yards in a game and promptly received a call from Kragthorpe congratulating him on his performance.

Speaking of coaches, as if it was another surprise, Tyler spoke about how impressed he was with one Coach Charlie Strong.

So if you live in the western part of the state and are looking for a new ride, drive over to Toyota of Murray and see Tyler and let him hook you up.  You’ll be supporting a classy UofL guy in the process and I’m sure he’ll really love to talk about his experience with you.  But you better hurry, he might not be in town much longer!