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An apology from Greg Scruggs

By on January 2, 2012 in Football with 3 Comments

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From his blog at to Louisville football fans …

Dear all those who have supported me for four years:

Where do I begin? After looking at my family, coaches, and teammates in the eyes after such an embarrassing incident, I now have to speak to you. I guess there is no other way to start this other than to say that I apologize. I apologize for the embarrassment that was caused to the University, my family, my team, and most of all, to you. For four years you have been in my corner through thick and thin, hell and high water, and though we may have not always seen eye to eye at times, our bond has only grown stronger. I have strolled the streets of Louisville smiling wide, and trying to be nothing but a great representative of my team, family, as well as an ambassador for the city.

Though I know most were disappointed, shocked, and in disbelief, I can sit here as an honest man and say that I made a mistake. Fortunately for me, this was a mistake that did not cost me my life, or anyone else’s. There is no justification for what happened but I must say that I was simply trying to to get someone else home safely (which I did). Hindsight is always 20/20 and after quite sometime for reflection, there were many other options that could have been explored but the fact of the matter is that it happened. I send my sincerest apologies to you in hopes that this won’t be how you remember me. However if it is, I can only pray for your forgiveness.

As for me, moving forward, I will be leaving the train to embark on a journey to hopefully better life for myself and for my family. I am joining the MADD movement as well as setting up my own engagements to speak to younger kids not only about choices, but about my journey and how they can help themselves. Despite this shameful moment, I am still proud to say that I am a graduate of the University and first in my immediate family to do so. So before I get long-winded, I just felt that it was only appropriate that I extend my sincerest apologies to all those who have been in my corner for my years at the school.. This blog wasn’t prompted by anyone but my gut instinct. I feel I owe it to you all for everything that you have done for me… Well.. I’m logging off.. My best wishes to all of you who read this… Happy New Year and may God continue to bless all of you all… Oh last, but CERTAINLY not least…. Go Cards.

Thanks, Greg. We all make mistakes. Go take care of business.

Incident tarnishes Greg Scruggs’ role as a team leader

By on December 18, 2011 in Football with 0 Comments

Greg Scruggs, more so than any other player, has been the voice of the Louisville football program this season.

A model student and football player, Scruggs was present at the press conference when Charlie Strong was introduced as the new head football coach in December 2009. He bought in early, expressing confidence in the new direction.

When he speaks, fans listen. When Charlie Strong wanted fans to turn out in greater numbers for Card March, Scruggs tweeted that the budding tradition could become history. Fans responded, arriving at 9:45 a.m. for noon kickoffs.

When Scruggs indicated that Charlie Strong wanted to build something at Louisville, fans relaxed a bit, being given a glimmer of hope that Strong might not be interested prominent coaching vacancies.

But over the weekend, our role model got into a bit of trouble, cited for allegedly driving a vehicle while intoxicated at 5:30 a.m. after running into a light pole after falling asleep. He had just received his degree from U of L the previous evening.

One has to feel sorry for him, having let himself down, as well as the coaches, his teammates and the fan base. Scruggs is fortunate to have survived and not having harmed anyone, and he has probably forfeited the opportunity to participate in another bowl game.

The biggest decision for the coaching staff may be whether or not he is even allowed to travel with the team or to attend the event — a distraction Charlie Strong’s team doesn’t need at this time. The fact that he’s such a nice kid doesn’t make the decision any easier.

Scruggs can partially maintain his leadership image by admitting he made a foolish mistake, which he may have already done. He’s setting an example for his teammates and people who looked up to him, just not the example he wanted to be remembered for at the University of Louisville.

The Greg Scruggs transformation

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Charlie Strong said his University of Louisville football team is growing physically, intellectually, emotionally and spritually.  There’s no better example than defensive end Greg Scruggs who seemed to have trouble finding a classroom before last season. 

Strong said he attended one of Scruggs’ classes last season where a teacher recognized the U of L coach and asked him he would like to speak to the class. “I told her I didn’t want to speak, that I was there to make sure the kid in the gray sweats was present.”

Scruggs in excellent standing accademically this season, sitting in the front row of every class. When he joined the team, he was a tall, lanky kid weighing 260 pounds. Today Scruggs is a man, weighing in at 288 pounds of solid muscle.

“He will graduate this December,” said Strong. “He’s doing everything we’ve asked and he’s doing what’s best for him.

“A team that’s doing poorly academically is a bad football team. A team that does well in the classroom will be a good football team.”

Coming soon: Greg Scruggs up and down the stadium steps

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New crop of Louisville players headed to NFL

By on May 2, 2015 in Football with 1 Comment

When a team has 10 players selected in the National Football League draft, that team has lost a ton of talent. In this case, an all-time record for the University of Louisville

The number of UofL players drafted is second highest among the nation’s college football programs, right behind Florida State which has 11 players headed to the NFL.NFL logo

The order in which they were drafted:

No. 14 — DeVante Parker, wide receiver, Miami Dolphins; 72nd — Jamon Brown, offensive tackle, St. Louis Rams; 81st — John Miller, offensive guard, Buffalo Bills; 82nd — Lorenzo Mauldin, outside linebacker, New York Jets.

104th — James Sample, safety, Jacksonville Jaguars; 177th — Deiontrez Mount, outside linebacker, Tennessee Titans; 189th — Charles Gaines, cornerback, Cleveland Browns; 193rd — B. J. Dubose, defensive end, Minnesota Vikings; 239th — Gerod Holliman, safety, Pittsburgh Steelers; 256th — Gerald Christian, wide receiver, Phoenix Cardinals.

Signing as free agents were: Grant Donovan, long snapper, Washington Redskins; Dominique Brown, running back, Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Eli Rogers, wide receiver, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Jake Smith, offensive lineman, Cincinnati Bengals.

No mention of Michael Dyer as of yet.

UofL already had 19 players listed on NFL rosters :

Gary Barnidge Cleveland Browns Tight End
Joshua Bellamy Chicago Bears Wide Receiver
Teddy Bridgewater Minnesota Vikings Quarterback
Preston Brown Buffalo Bills Linebacker
Damian Copeland Jacksonville Jaguars Wide Receiver
Harry Douglas Tennessee Titans Wide Receiver
Elvis Dumervil Baltimore Ravens Linebacker
Brandon Dunn Chicago Bears Defensive Tackle
William Gay Pittsburgh Steelers Cornerback
Breno Giacomini New York Jets Offensive Tackle
Alex Kupper Buffalo Bills Guard
Senorise Perry Chicago Bears Running Back
Roy Philon Detroit Lions Defensive Tackle
Bilal Powell New York Jets Running Back
Calvin Pryor New York Jets Safety
Greg Scruggs Seattle Seahawks Defensive End
Marcus Smith II Philadelphia Eagles Linebacker
Byron Stingily Tennessee Titans Offensive Tackle
Eric Wood Buffalo Bills Center


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