Louisville football docked for academic progress rate

Now we know why Charlie Strong, the best recruiter in University of Louisville football history, signed only 21 recruits in February.

U of L’s academic progress rate (APR) for its football team had dropped below the minimum requirement. The four-year APR for football for the period from 2006-10 was 908, below the required level of 925.

Louisville lost three of its possible 25 initial scholarships, but will be allowed to maintain the full 85 overall scholarship limit.

The initial scholarship reduction will be announced publicly by the NCAA next week when the complete APR list is available.  Football is the only one of the Cardinals’ 23 sports teams (10 men’s and 13 women’s sports) which fell below the 925 level.

Bobby Petrino and Steve Kragthorpe were at the helm during the affected period. Thanks guys.

Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

11 thoughts on “Louisville football docked for academic progress rate”

  1. You may need to edit the end of your post. It is inaccurate to split blame between Petrino and Kragthorpe on the APR issue. This falls squarely on Kragthorpe.
    Under Petrino we averaged in the 940s which was well above-average for D1 football teams. By comparison Kragthorpe averaged in the 920s at Tulsa one of the worst scores for any Tulsa sports teams, and well below average for public universities like Tulsa. There was a 13 point APR drop following his 1st season at U of L, and each of his subsequent teams maintained his Tulsa numbers in the mid 920s.
    This appears to be more of a Kragthorpe issue than an Petrino Issue.

    1. Amen. Petrino, for all his faults, rode the players and made them go to class. Kragthorpe had no concept of discipline, on the field or in the classroom. It is his fault all the way!

      1. Well, Petrino did leave halfway through the school year so it was partially under his watch. The passage of time has not turned him into a choir boy yet.

        1. Pinochio will never be a choir boy in my mind. He has demonstrated complete disregard for honesty and loyalty too many times to count. But he managed the players with a tight hand. They knew better than to cross him and it showed on the field and in the classroom. This is totally on Kragthorpe. Totally,

  2. I don’t think any coach has done less for a school than Kragthorpe did here!! Having said that, I have hired many people over the course of my life I only wish I had TJ’s record for making the rightr hire. Time to move past the mistake that was Kragthope and smile… Get you sunglasses Cardinal Football has a BRIGHT future under the leadership of Coach Strong.

  3. If UofL only has 10 men’s sport, does that mean we could add men’s Lacrosse with the women having 13 sports?

    1. Probably has more to do with the overall number of scholarships than number of teams. Lacrosse? If they’re wearing U of L uniforms, we could probably get excited. Something else in which to beat Syracuse would be nice.

      1. There is lacrosse at UofL and a very fine women’s team just completed their season. Feel free to cheer for them, too. And, they lost to Syracuse 11-10 in the regular season.

        They wear UofL uniforms.

        1. Never seen them play but have watched a couple of the NCAA tourney games on tv and seems cool. I try to keep track with all the UofL sports teams. I thank you, Paul and Charlie for two of the most well inform sites into the University that I love.

  4. We pull for the women’s sports as you well know Sonja. I was there the snowy day the lacrosse stadium opened.

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